Filfox Wallet Now Live!

Sign up for the Filfox Wallet and get FIL Reward

3 min readOct 16, 2020

Filecoin Mainnet Live!!!

The Filecoin mainnet was officially launched at 10:44 am EST on October 15th, 2020. The Protocol Labs team and the community celebrated the mainnet launch together. Screenshot at 10/16/2020 12:28 PM EST

At the writing of the article, the mainnet is working great. The block height is 151,976 and the network storage power is 582.34 PiB, with 539 active miners all over the globe. The 24Hr Average Reward is 0.25 FIL/TiB and the 24 Hr FIL Production is 148,879 and the average Initial Pledge Collateral per sector is 0.16 FILm and the overall Initial Pledge Collateral is 12,177,624 FIL.

Sign up for the Filfox Wallet and Get FIL Reward!!!

To celebrate the launch of the Filecoin Mainnet, 6Block also launched the Filfox wallet on the same day. Users can now access it at

Filfox Wallet at

Filfox Wallet is a decentralized Filecoin wallet developed by 6Block. The user’s private key is stored locally and will not touch the Internet. It is safe and reliable. Currently, there is only a web wallet available.

We are also hosting a giveaway of FIL to early FILFOX Wallet users. The first 2,000 users who have completed the registration and creation of a wallet, and sent screenshots of the address and corresponding Qr Code to before October 18, 2020, will receive 0.1 FIL as a reward. Each user can claim once.

Screenshot Example

And See You at the Filecoin Liftoff Week from Oct 19th -23rd!

Filecoin will host the Filecoin Liftoff Week from October 19th to 23rd. There will be a series of Keynotes, workshops, demos, and meetups. Lee White, 6Block team lead and Core Architect, will be presenting as a panelist at 17:20 pm PST on Tuesday 10/20/2020. We will see you there!

In the meanwhile, happy mining!

You can follow the 6Block Twitter Account here. And also, don’t forget to check, the best Filecoin chain explorer. You can also follow’s Twitter account here.




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