The Default Filecoin Network Explorer for Leading Exchanges and Price Tracking Platforms

Trusted by the Community

As the Filecoin community expands daily, more and more of them choose to use because of its rich features, reliable datasets, rapid iteration, minimalistic UI, and easy to understand charts. Filfox has attracted a large number of different types of miners, developers, and investors. Its current average daily active users have exceeded 10,000.

Trusted by Leading Institutions

  • Filecoin: the official Filecoin team has used as the explorer for the test coin faucet during the Space Race and lists as on its website homepage;
  • Leading Crypto Exchanges: Leading crypto exchanges like Binance, Huobi,, ZB, Whale Exchange, and other exchanges have used Filfox as the default Filecoin network explorer for deposit and withdraw transaction check;
  • Top Crypto Price Tracking platforms: leading crypto price tracking platforms like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Feixiaohao all use as the default blockchain explorer or the recommended browsers.

More to Come!

  • Authenticated miners’ tag via private key signature;
  • Order and memory pool details;
  • Gas fee details and historical statistics;
  • Details of the miner’s account, including account information, computing power change history, account balance change history, etc.;
  • Unique analytic parameters for miners such as “mining machine equivalent” and “lucky value”;

These functions can help users have a comprehensive understanding of the network status with the detailed historical performance of specific miners. And to comprehensively compare the on-chain data of different miners in multiple parameters. In addition to simple network parameters and miner information, Filfox also supports the display of most accounts and information types in the Filecoin network, providing users with a reliable portal to access the Filecoin network's complete information.

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6Block is a mining pools focusing on Handshake and Filecoin.

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