Near 3 Million FIL Tokens Flowed to Exchange Addresses

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FIL Circulating Volume

Since the launch of the Filecoin mainnet, the market has been closely following large FIL transactions to gauge the total circulation.

FIL has a total issuance of 2 billion. Because the Filecoin mainnet is switched from its Space Race(SR) network, there were mainnet tokens…

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Filecoin Mainnet Live!!!

The Filecoin mainnet was officially launched at 10:44 am EST on October 15th, 2020. The Protocol Labs team and the community celebrated the mainnet launch together.

Pledge Collateral still the Major Headache for Miners

Filecoin's main net is estimated to launch at Block 148,888, currently expected on October 15. As of today(10/13/2020 EST), we are 2 days before the main net launch of Filecoin.

At the time of writing this article, the current Filecoin network(Space Race Network) is at the block height of 143,541…

On September 7 EST, Filecoin officially released an update of its economics. The updated economics generally reduces the requirement for miners' block reward pledge, so lowers the operation and maintenance risks, and is encouraging the long-term development of the network. The following is our introduction to this update:

01"Increase baseline initial value but decrease growth rate to stimulate the economy more sustainably." [1]

In order…


6Block is a mining pools focusing on Handshake and Filecoin.

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