6Block: 21 Mining Clusters, 4.9 PiB Total Storage Power and Temporarily #1 in the Filecoin Space Race

3 min readAug 29, 2020

The Filecoin Space Race has officially started at 6 am Beijing time on August 25 (Tuesday). According to Filfox.info, as of 16:00 on August 29th, 330 active miners around the world have participated in this competition, and they have contributed more than 41.73 PiB of storage computing power to the Space Race network.

6Block announced its first batch of 21 clusters earlier this morning, with a cumulative effective computing power of 4.9 PiB, temporarily ranking first in the Filecoin Space Race.

Part of the 6Block Clusters, check the full list at https://filfox.info/en

The Filecoin Space Race is in fierce competition, but 6Block has remained in stealth mode, till now.

We are happy to announce the first batch of 21 clusters under our management. The 21 clusters are medium in scale, with effective computing power between 200T — 400T and most clusters have an order success rate of more than 98%. The total effective computing power of the 21 clusters is about 4.9 PiB, accounting for 12% of the effective computing power of the entire network and temporarily ranking #1 in the Filecoin Space Race.

Filfox.info, the best Filecoin chain explorer, proudly developed by 6Block.

6Block can monitor the operating status of thousands of mining machines with its proprietary monitoring system. During the Space Race, 6Block developers have reported dozens of bugs and were highly recognized by the Filecoin developers.

The number of mining machines 6Block has invested is not the largest, but with the help of in-depth optimization of the Filecoin mining software, the efficiency of 6Block mining machines has maintained a significant edge, with P1 completed in1 hour and 51 minutes, P2 completed in less than 10 minutes, and C2 completion in less than 10 minutes. Check out more details about 6Block clusters at Filfox.info.

According to the Filecoin Space Race reward plan, “the top 100 miners globally, as well as the top 50 miners from each continent,” will earn a total of 4 million FIL tokens based on the amount of storage realized by the miners and the network during the competition. Each registered miner ID can include up to 16 miner accounts. In addition, the top 20 miners in network block rewards will win an additional 100,000 FIL token rewards in proportion to the block rewards they receive.

It looks like the Space Race just got a bit more interesting, wouldn’t you say? Happy mining!

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